Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) 2012 Review

2012 Review of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW)

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs announced a review of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) ('ALRA') in a media release on the 5th December 2011. Under section 252A of the ALRA a review of the Act must be undertaken every 5 years to consider if the policy objectives of the Act are still valid and if the terms of the Act are still suitable for achieving those objectives.

The Minister appointed a Working Group of 6 to conduct the Review. The Working Group was required to submit the findings and recommendations of the Review to the Minister by the 1st November 2012. The Minister asked that, where possible, the Review provide proposals for improving the Act.

The Terms of Reference required of the Review that it assess the policy objectives of the ALRA and the administrative and operational effectiveness of the ALRA. The Working Group identified focus topics that it considered relevant to the Review process.

The Working Group presented its report, Facilitation to Enable not Frustration to Disable - Aboriginal Land Rights Act Review 2012 - Report of Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group [Pdf 13.6mb], to the Minister in October 2012. The Minister tabled the Working Group's report in Parliament on the 22 November 2012

Subsequent to the tabling of the Working Group's report Aboriginal Affairs New South Wales and the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council have developed additional proposals for change to the regulatory framework.

The recommendations and proposals for changes to the ALRA are set out in three papers:

The New South Wales Government, in consultation with the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council, invite public comment and feedback on the initiatives proposed in the three papers through open community workshops and written submissions.