OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR, Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW)



Membership of a Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) is the key to

  • getting involved in the New South Wales land council network,
  • voting at local aboriginal land council meetings and elections, and
  • standing for election yourself.

A person is recognised as a LALC member only if their name is listed on the membership roll of that LALC. Membership of more than one LALC is allowed, but members can have voting rights at only one land council.

Membership decisions are made by the voting members of the LALC.

The provisions of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act that concern membership are in Part 5, Division 2, sections 53 to 60.

Aboriginal Rock Art at Mt Yarrowyck, NSW

Mt Yarrowyck Northern NSW rock art

Brewarrina, fish traps

Fish Traps, Brewarrina, NSW

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